The beer companion. A Connoisseur's Guide to the World's Finest Craft Beers. Von Stephen Snyder (1996).

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In this full-color, lushly illustrated volume, author Stephen Snyder recounts the history of beer and also provides a guided tour of the process of beer making. A detailed breakdown of the world's beer styles follows, including a discussion of the technical parameters for the major styles of beer. In addition, expert advice on buying, storing, and tasting beer addresses questions like: What are the warning signs that a brew has been exposed to heat and may be skunked? At what temperature should beer be stored? and What size head is ideal? At the core of The Beer Companion are reviews of 125 of the world's best breweries with ratings of their top products. Each superb profile includes the history of the brewery and its products, great tips for pairing the beers with food, and a connoisseur's rating. A complete appendix includes helpful cross-references such as top-rated beers by style and fascinating information like the ten strongest beers in the world.

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